​English language teacher accused of sexually assaulting sixth grader in Vietnam

Police are probing the accusation

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One killed as wall collapses during house demolition in Ho chi Minh City

Vietnam’s Mekong Delta likely khổng lồ have up khổng lồ 500km of expressways by 2026: transport minister

Ho chi Minh đô thị committed lớn providing second COVID-19 booster shots for residents

Paul Christiansen: A literary bridge between Vietnamese & American cultures

Tay Ninh beauty crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2022

Mud, sweat and cheers: Traditional thai water buffalo race enthralls crowds

Boys scurry, duck and weave through crowds sheltering from the suffocating heat before upending buckets of cooling water on beefy bovines waiting lớn compete at the annual traditional thai buffalo races in Chonburi on Sunday

Climate change protest throws Sydney traffic into chaos, 11 arrested

Climate change protesters marched in Sydney on Monday forcing police lớn close major roads in the đô thị centre

At least 22 young people die in South African tavern

State broadcaster SABC reported the deaths resulted from a possible stampede


Airfares surge as domestic & int’l travel rebounds, fuel prices skyrocket



Hue Festival 2022 opens, features attractive art, cultural activities

A hot-air balloon festival và a display of đôi mươi paintings of ‘Truyen Kieu’ (The Tale of Kieu) & traditional costumes of ASEAN countries are also included in the event’s plan

17 hours ago

Tay Ninh beauty crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2022

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Chau, a 28-year-old beauty from Tay Ninh, was crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 on Saturday

1 day ago


Vietnamese incense vendor lends a helping hand khổng lồ cancer patients

The senior woman advised people to give whenever they can

6 days ago

Ethnic Vietnamese women make specialty coffee dream come true

They are striving khổng lồ elevate local coffee products & penetrate the exclusive but highly profitable market of specialty coffee

1 week ago

thành phố Diary

Break out the bubbly! Tuoi Tre News turns 12!

Tuoi Tre News is committed khổng lồ finding and reporting the true story based on relevant and salient facts

1 week ago

What is it like to get a haircut on the street in Ho đưa ra Minh City?

"It’s more than a shave or a haircut, it is a connection to lớn this culture và community, which chia sẻ love khổng lồ all"

1 week ago


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Teachers go six months without paychecks in north-central Vietnam

The eight affected teachers were employed as contract workers during the 2021-22 school year

3 days ago

Former Vietnamese teachers prosecuted for leaking questions before national graduation exam

They have been prosecuted for “abusing positions and powers while performing official duties”