Food Junction at Great World has been featured in various social truyền thông platform due lớn its train-themed interiors, đoạn phim projections (along with choo-choo sounds) & alfresco rooftop garden.

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While ultimately it is still a food court, there are certain interesting stalls (rather than the same old suspect) such as Dier Biergarten offering German food, Hungry Korea opened by actress stavrou See, What The Fish serving Chinese-style grilled fish, and Queen of Wok with a range of zi char fare.

You can find Viet Taste Vietnamese Cuisines usually with a long line within Food Junction. Vietnamese staff members run the stall that works like a mini-restaurant.

While there is always a line, it clears relatively fast.


They have quite an extensive thực đơn of appetisers, salads, Banh Mi, Vietnamese rice vermicelli, noodles, rice dishes, & drinks.

This ranges from Fried Spring Rolls ($4.50), Fried Chicken Wings with Fish Sauce ($7.00), Green Mango Salad with Dried Shrimp ($5.90), Hanoi BBQ Pork Noodles ($8.80), Grilled Chicken with Rice ($8.60), khổng lồ Grilled Pork Chop with Rice.


For convenience, you can go for their sets priced from $12.20 to $15.90 which comes with a main, fresh or fried spring rolls and drink.

Choose from Chicken Pho, Beef Pho, BBQ Pork or Chicken, Shaking Beef Rice, or Banh mày Sets.


Their Hanoi Pho Beef Noodle Soup ($7.70) comes with a đứng đầu layer of aromatic basil. Enjoy the light soup lashed with generous amounts of thick beef slices, resulting in a well-rounded noodle dish.

While I think there could be other more impressive Pho out there in various eateries, Viet Taste vì serve a decent rendition with light tasting soup that was still flavourful, though I wished the rice noodles to lớn be smoother.


Choose your Bahn mày ($6.80 – $7.50) filled with Pate as one of the key ingredients, alongside Ham, Egg, Pork, Grilled Chicken or Beef. There is also a Vegetable Sandwich ($5.60) option.

There was a lovely thin crispiness of the bread, while fillings were fresh-tasting, & meats well-prepared và grilled.


One of those Banh mi that was filled with higher proportion of vegetables and pickles, though I wished there was more meat because that was their strength.

The Vietnamese Coffee ($2.90) has sweet & chocolaty under notes; while I enjoyed the Homemade Lemongrass with Ginger ($2.00). One sip transport you instantly lớn vibrant Vietnam.

While shopping at Great World, pop into the food court for affordable, decent Vietnamese cuisine in Singapore.

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(Viet Taste) Vietnamese Cuisine
Food Junction Great World1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World level 3, Singapore 237994Opening Hours: 10am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

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