Your android và IOS device can be a great place khổng lồ play some very cool games particularly owing to the fact that they are thousands of games you can play these days. Now, that’s where the real problem is; finding the best offline games from the thousands at your disposal can a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, we have done the hard work for you & in this article, we đánh giá the best offline games that you can play in your android of game ios device.

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Best Offline Games for Android

Are you running on android OS và wondering which new game you should install on your device? Well, let’s take you through 6 of the best offline games that you must have on your app android device at the moment.


This is not a new trò chơi but it has stood the test of time thanks khổng lồ the creativity behind it. The goal in this trò chơi is pretty simple; move pieces around in a bid khổng lồ get them to địa chỉ cửa hàng up to lớn the number 2048. It is actually a puzzle laid on the basic elements of math but you can rest assured that it will get you thinking in a playful way. Please be warned, you might end up getting addicted to solving these puzzles!


Smash Hit

Everyone seems to lớn be building a ‘runner’ trò chơi out there that it has got lớn a point that many gamers are growing bored by these type of games. If you are one of those who thinks that runner games are no longer fun, then you haven’t tried the smash hit game. Actually, it is one of the original runner games out there with a super innovative setting. In this game, you will be hurling through varying dimensions and hitting through glass with speed. Well, are you eager khổng lồ take up the challenge?



Some people seem lớn be avoiding hardboiled since it is a paid game but truth be told, it is totally worth paying for. It is actually one of the best survival games on the apk platform at the moment with its concept drawn from two titles of the Fallout franchise. The game will put you in a scenario where you must defend yourself for survival in a place full of bandits và looters. As a matter of fact, Hardboiled will surely put decision making on weighing scale and depending on how smart you are, you may or you may not survive!



Monolithic is yet another trò chơi that blends the ideas of the classic Tetris game & the board game Jenga into one simple game that will keep you hooked. The goal is to lớn create a tower that is robust enough khổng lồ survive a mini earthquake attack. So, just like in Tetris, planning ahead becomes key. In other words, you will need khổng lồ know where lớn place each building block of the tower. This grows harder as the tower grows bigger. Don’t’ worry though, you are bound to lớn grow to lớn be a better ‘architect’ as you play the game more often. The beauty is that Monolithic is miễn phí to download and play, plus you vì not need lớn make any in-app purchases lớn play. You can, however, make the purchases if you bởi vì not lượt thích ads, if you want lớn unlock some credits or if you want to lớn customize the theme of the game to your liking. That said, you can play harder & unlock any of the credits in the game with good points.



Most games usually try very hard to create a sense of tension. Talk of well-thought storylines, scenes và things lượt thích sound effects that evoke emotions in gamers. Well, Badland decided lớn take a different route-no story line and no protagonist but it still creates evokes the emotions. In the game, you simply control some odd creatures-(like hedgehogs) that move up và down, generally khổng lồ the right. The game has slick controls coupled with a physic based platformer that makes playing Badland relentless fun


Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Every app android gamer must have played or at least heard of Angry Birds and the Angry Birds Star Wars but the new version, the Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is certainly a notch higher. The real catch behind the success of this title has got lớn be the fact that the trò chơi is quite easy plus it looks gorgeous! Revon has managed khổng lồ get us salivating for more from this apk title through near perfect art và creativity in design-the menus, the level design và the character designs are all first class.


Best Offline Games For iOS

Just like the app android platform, the quả táo platform is fast growing lớn be a great place where you can play some very creative games. Wondering which of the offline games are worth your time? Well, here is a sneak peek at some of the quả táo games you should try.

Tales of Monkey Island

This is a very popular game ios game that took the episodic concept of storytelling in games và made it their won. In this game, Telltale Games tell a story of Guybrush Threepwood who is looking lớn be the most notorious pirate in the Caribbean. The storyline revolves around his quest lớn vanquish his nemesis, Le Chuck whilst protecting his Wife Elaine Marley. This is not a heroic cliché. So, expect some comic twists and unexpected turns. The trò chơi is quite amusing but you can still expect lớn solve some tough puzzles along the storyline


Year Walk

Year Walk is one other amazing quả táo game brought to you by the creators of Device 6, Simogo AB. The game is phối upon an old Swedish tradition otherwise known as year walking & this what the storyline is all about. Year Walk is one of the games with an immersive storyline mix in the 19th century và you get to lớn be part of this storyline as you touch và solve puzzles & get a glimpse of the future. Again, the storyline is one of the best in the gaming industry and you can rest assured that you won’t be bored playing Year Walk.


Heroes of Might và Magic III – HD Edition

Ever since it’s release in the year 1999, the Heroes of Might & Magic has grown even stronger over the decades. It’s a turn-based strategy trò chơi that will immerse you into a very fictitious but interesting world. You will take a nhân vật into the fantasy world where he can explore lớn find treasures và fight against creatures in a bid lớn be the last person standing. You can pick between mythical factions to lớn fight against others. For instance, an army from heaven can wage war with an army from hell or perhaps you can pick Genies against vampires và much more depending on your preferences.


LEGO Games

Ever wanted to lớn play Superman, Harry Potter or Batman. The LEGO series of games are just what you are looking for. The series has smart storyline ranging from simple ones khổng lồ the complex ones where you get to lớn fill in the shoes of your favorite mainstream characters albeit in a genuinely creative and fun story. What’s amazing is that this story finds a way to use existing characters in the story without sounding or looking sort of silly. It’s time to crossover from Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars all in one single place.


Oceanhorn – quái vật of Uncharted Seas

Are you a fan hâm mộ of the Zelda games on Nintendo? The developers of the Oceanhorn have even admitted that this is sort of an ios version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which has made its name among Nintendo enthusiasts. Still, this is not a carbon copy of the game, the theme of the trò chơi is actually somehow close to that of The Wind Walker. You will be blown by the visuals of this game, even though it will be hard on the CPU of most tiện ích ios devices. On the plus side, you will have a good time playing Oceanhorn.

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The Escapists

Do you love the movie Prison Break? Ever wanted lớn try doing a Scofield và craft your way out of the world’s high-security prison? In the Escapist, the story is more of the same, you are locked up in maximum security prison & your goal is to break out but with a proper plan-you need lớn find a clear strategy to lớn break through. This trò chơi borrows a lot from other games lượt thích the Minecraft & stealth games và the result is a game that will get you glued to lớn your phone.


Final Remarks:

Now that you have the best offline games for Android và iOS, it’s time khổng lồ try them out and experience them first hand. So, if you over up in a place where you don’t have any internet, you can still have fun with your Android and iOS device by playing some amazing offline games. After all, your device is more than a communication device, it is a gaming machine right at your fingertips!